Friday, March 4, 2011

A New Indie Song Everyday (The BluesBox Bayou Band) 3-4-11

Since the 10th Annual Mardi Gras Gumbo Party is tomorrow at Poor David's Pub in Dallas, TX, I deliberately looked for some Indie Zydeco.  Thanks to KNON 89.3 Voice of the People for advertising this event, as it is not a most popular genre in my city.  Zydeco in all its flair and personality has to be one of my favorite types of music.  I am as you will find a lover of all varieties.

However the zydeco song I found this morning surprised me a bit.  It was not the typical Buckwheat Zydeco or  Beau Jocque, or Alligator Stomp sound with the bluesy distinct voice.  No, this was a zydeco with a country spunk.  What comes to mind might be a style like that of The Texas Tornadoes, however The BluesBox Bayou Band is very different.  Don't get me wrong The Texas Tornadoes have a great style but it lends itself to more Tejano with zydeco sprinkles.

We start the song Down the Zydeco Road out on an almost ska beat.  True Zydeco as a whole does have that very energetic vibe and the BluesBox Bayou Band does not disappoint.  The singer stretches into the country zone but the accordion is a nice addition to pull the song back to Zydeco.  It is with this mingling of the two genres that impresses me most.  Going into the search, it really pleased me to find such a diverse song.  I have to admit I was looking for a typical style.  All I can say is WOW!  They are so refreshing and original.  This band has all an avid Zydeco fan would want even if they are not keen on the country americana.  Residing in Modesto, California it is hard to believe they are playing a style associated primarily with the good ole south.  They do however, make me proud to have listened today and able to experience a different sound.  A new type of Cajun that I can't help but wonder what influenced them. 

As I continued writing, I realized contrary to the band's myspace page stating they are unsigned, they are in fact signed. Since the day is closing and I have put in my effort to listen I am leaving my song review up and will look into the record label to find out if it is an independent label.  Sorry that I did not find this information out until the closing of the day.  None the less still a great band even if they have graduated from Indie.



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